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Thank you for your interest in becoming an approved Trainer with The Nevada Registry! To initiate the trainer approval application process, please select the option below that most closely describes you.

Early Childhood Trainer

Early Childhood Trainers provide training on a broad range of topics related to Early Childhood, typically possess formal education and direct experience in Early Care and Education (ECE) , and may or may not work in a child care program in a direct service position (as defined on The Nevada Registry Membership Application). Qualification to become an Early Childhood Trainer is based on formal education in ECE, experience as a trainer and direct experience in the field. Early Childhood Trainers are approved to provide training in all eight Core Knowledge Areas. Certain restrictions apply with regard to initial training requirements and other topics that require licensure/certification.

Early Childhood Trainers must be active members of The Nevada Registry prior to applying for Trainer approval. If you are not currently a member, request a Membership Application (to apply for the first time) or renew your membership from within your Online Portal (if your membership has expired). An Early Childhood Trainer Qualification Application can be submitted once you have applied to The Nevada Registry and a Registry ID number has been issued and/or your membership has been renewed.


Topic Trainer

Topic Trainers are professionals in their fields of expertise whose knowledge can be beneficial to the Early Care and Education (ECE) workforce. Topic Trainers most commonly provide training related to health and safety topics necessary to meet the initial training requirements of Child Care Licensing (Signs and Symptoms of Illness, SIDS, etc.). Qualification to become a Topic Trainer is based on formal education, experience as a trainer and specialization in specific topic areas. Topic Trainers are limited to train in topics specific to their area(s) of specialization/certification only.