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Search for Registry-approved training to meet your professional development needs in one of two ways: simply click on your county of interest in the map below to perform a broad search for training in your area or enter specific criteria (Training Format, County, Cost, Initial Training Requirements, Core Knowledge Area, Online/Distance Learning or Approved Trainer Name) using the form below. The Training Calendar is updated on a continuous basis as new events are submitted and approved so be sure to check back frequently!

Helpful Hint: The quickest way to find FREE and low cost online training courses is to select ‘On-Line’ under ‘Training Format’ and ‘Free’ or ‘$1-$5’ under ‘Training Cost’.

COVID-19 ALERT: The suspension of in-person training has been lifted. However, The Nevada Registry, with support from the TAS Advisory Workgroup, encourages Early Childhood professionals to continue to engage in online professional development and/or distance/virtual learning during the COVID-19 pandemic (over 1600 online courses currently available). Should you opt to attend an in-person training session during this time, you are encouraged to follow all current social distancing guidelines and COVID-19 safety protocols outlined in the Governor’s Roadmap to Recovery (i.e., hand-washing/hand sanitizer, wearing of masks, maintaining a social distance of 6 ft. between yourself and others, etc.) in order to protect yourself as well as the health and safety of the trainer and other training participants. Please be aware that you may be asked to adhere to additional health and safety requirements when entering training facilities. It is your responsibility to be informed about what those requirements are prior to attending. Furthermore, by attending an in-person training, you acknowledge and accept that you are doing so at your own risk and that The Nevada Registry is not responsible for any health and safety issues associated with and/or that arise as a result of attending this training session, or any costs arising from such issues.

IN-PERSON training is delivered on a specific date, at a specific time, in a specific location in a more traditional face-to-face 'classroom' setting. VIRTUAL training sessions are similar in that they occur on a specific date, at a specific time, but are offered via a distance learning platform (Zoom, GoTo Training, etc.). Both formats are delivered ‘live’. ONLINE training is self-paced, independent learning that is completed on the computer at a time and in a location that is convenient for the adult learner. Select the training format you are most comfortable with and that meets your professional development needs the best.

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Instructions: To begin, choose your preferred Training Format (In-Person, Virtual or Online). Next, select any additional filters from the remaining dropdown lists to further narrow your search. NOTE: You do not need to make a selection from each option below. The more criteria you select, the more narrow your results will be. The less criteria you select, the broader your results will be. As a rule of thumb; less is more!

Select the format of training that matches your preferred learning style and best meets your professional development needs.
NOTE: DO NOT select a County when choosing Virtual or Online training sessions. Simply click “Submit” below.

Select a county for in-person training only.
Many free and low cost trainings are available to help you meet your professional development needs. Choose from the options below to narrow your search based on cost.
All caregivers working in licensed child care facilities are required to complete specific initial courses of training in child care in order to work with young children. These courses must be completed within 120 days of hire with the exception of Child Abuse and Neglect, which must be completed within 90 days of hire. Guidelines for Completion

Distribute your learning across the eight areas for a well-rounded approach to professional development.
The organizations listed in the dropdown list below meet The Nevada Registry’s criteria for online training approval. Online training should be selected from this list ONLY to ensure it will be applied toward the annual training requirements of Child Care Licensing.

The trainers listed in the dropdown list below currently have training scheduled that is open to the public. Select a name to view a list of all of his/her upcoming approved training events. If he/she does not have any scheduled/approved events at this time, he/she will not appear in the dropdown list.


Please note: The Training Calendar is provided as a service to the Early Care and Education community in Nevada. Trainings listed on this page have been approved by The Nevada Registry based on the information provided at the time of the training approval request, and unless otherwise noted, are not affiliated with and/or provided by the Registry. Though it is expected that approved trainings will be delivered in accordance with the information submitted/approved, as well as the guidelines outlined in the Trainer Agreement that all trainers must sign, the Registry cannot guarantee the quality of each training provided. Inclusion in the Training Calendar does not imply an endorsement of a particular individual or agency by The Nevada Registry.

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